Types of clip in hair extensions that enhance your look

hair extensions-1We, girls, cannot comprise our hair, right! But thin hair makes us feel bad because we cannot make the hairstyle we want. And that’s disgusting, is there something that we can do to those thin hair strands? Luckily, you can girls with different types of clip in hair extensions you can always get that long hair you have desired. However, different extensions type may make you confuse. Don’t worry, you will not because you are in the right place. We will explain to you about the hair extension and its types. So, without further ado, let’s move forward. 

Hair extension types for girls 

Firstly, know that what are these made of, you can find both synthetic and human hair extensions. Synthetic ones are glossy natural-looking hair. Unfortunately, they fade after a while thus lose their shine and glossiness. Moreover, you cannot

apply dye or heat treatment on these less expensive types of clip in hair extensions. So, it may not be your choice. On the other hand, human hair extensions are expensive but the quality is unmatchable. You can dye them or style any type you wish just like you do with own hair. Moreover, they naturally blend with your hair and those hair cuticles, locks, and curves make them look natural. Even they last longer than your synthetic types of clip inhair extensions. You can expect them to be in a good look for six to twelve months. 

hair extensions-3

hair extensions-5What popular hair extension options are available? 

hair extensions-4Surely, you want to know what’s there in the store for your hair type. Read further to know about types of clip in hair extensions and more. 

  • Micro link or loop hair extensions aka micro bead hair extensions 
  • Weave hair extensions 
  • Tape hair extensions 
  • Fusion hair or pre-bonded extensions 
  • Clip-in hair extensions 

These were the popular ones that girls like however, among all clips in extensions, are easy to wear. And our next section is all about that. 

Fortunately, wearing them is easy as compared to other hair extensions because there are clips to secure them. Using those clips is as easy as the normal ones. And to start with it, divide your hair in the section from both the sides. Start dividing apart till the ear from both the sides and secure them with a clip. Now, do the same from the back. Make small pony taking a short volume of hair and clip in the extension. Repeat the same as you go up on the head. However, apply the extension of different but appropriate length. Moreover, you can try easy clip in hair extension hairstyles. You can make a small bun or half down braid, a low ponytail, and a messy bun. Try any style you want or Google the clip in hair extension style ideas. You will get a lot more with simple tutorials. 

Girls, get ready to flaunt beautiful and long hair without struggling. So, go and get the types of clip in hair extension of suitable length, and texture.