Everything about Fusion hair extension tools you need to know

hair extension toolsHair is the important part of life. Especially every girl wishes to have a long beautiful hair. Incidentally everyone does not have these blessings. But if a girl who have short hair wants to have long and gorgeous hair. Fusion hair extension tools are the solution to this problem. It provides you the full freedom to style your hair as your own wish. There are two methods of having fusion hairs. To begin with, in this article we will tell you the difference between the both. 

Details of two installation methods of hair extensions 

Hot and cold are the two different methods of hair extension. Generally keratin glue is used in the hot fusion methods to bond the hair extensions. In brief the stylist with the help of the fusion hair iron melts the keratin base to install a u-tip. And finally wrap it around a section of hair that is small in quantity. However, cold fusion method is slightly simple. Micro ring beads are used to install i-tips. The stylist feed i-tip top and pulls few hair strands through the micro ring. Afterward the beads are attached with some hair extension pliers for holding securely.  

A micro bead method another way for hair extension 

hair extension tools

Moreover through micro bead hair extension tools your hair will look luscious and healthy. As a result in this method combination of thickness and volume will be the output. For protecting the hair and make it secure the beads are generally lined with silicone. The micro loop wand is used to pull few strands of the hair through the beads. To ensure the weft is in place clamp the bead down. Therefore the methods are easy, simple or damage free. According to most of the women the beaded wefts are normally easy to manage. 

Advantages of using fusion hair extension 

fusion hair extension

  • Provide a new volume, length and thickness to your hair. 
  • Also it provides a cost cutting in the expenses. Because hair extension is a low maintenance solution for hair growth. 
  • If you like to experiment with your hair. Such a curly hair, stylish bob cuts, colored freaks, etc. this method provides you all. As a result hair extension is the key to your experimentation. 
  • If you have a bad haircut by mistake. And you have a day out planning than hair extension will help you to look beautiful. 
  •  Usually most of the girl likes to color her hair. With the help of clip extension you can add any colored hair extension easily. In this way you will protest your natural hair. 
  • If you want to change the look for some days. Hair extension is the best way to have ravishing new look. 

Final word-  

Lastly if you want a new looks, or wants a beautiful hair Fusion hair extension tools are the answer to it. So just look at some tape in hair extensions tools. Fusion hair extension tools are the all in one solution for thick, long and gorgeous hair. 


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