Lace Front Wigs

Short Bob Curly Human Hair Lace Front Wigs with Baby Hair

I am absolutely in love with this lace front wig. This wig is very lightweight and perfect for you if you’re sweat alot in the summer,but still want to wear protective hairstyle.

However it is still warm enough to wear in the winter and I have been wearing it as a daily wig to work. The lace on the wig is good for dark skin! I did not have to bleach the knots at. All I did was put a little foundation on the lace front wigs and laydown the baby hairs.

It blended perfectly into my skin and I don’t have to wear a full face of makeup with the wig to Blend. All in all this is a very good affordable wig! If you love curly hair and want your wig to look natraul get this one!